Walton wins 2013-2014 Title

Post date: Apr 27, 2014 3:06:00 PM

On Saturday, April 26th, representatives of the Walton Pistol Club accepted awards for their first place finish in the Central Empire State Rifle and Pistol League's 2013-2014 season.Walton (pictured on left) had last won the title in 2010-2011 the first time ever in the entire history of the League. They were not willing to wait another 50 years to again hold the top spot. Congratulations to all members of the Walton team for a job well done.

The Team stats for the season were 16 wins and 4 losses with an average team score of 1098.700. They bested last year's first place finishers, Stamford-Richmondville, by one match to avoid the season ending in a shoot off. S-R (pictured on right) finished out the season with a record of 15 wins and 5 losses and a team average of 1082.050.

The other teams finished as follows:

Oneonta 3rd Place 12 wins 8 losses 1086.950 team average

Rockdale 4th Place 9 wins 11 losses 1077.850 team average

Delhi 5th Place 8 wins and 12 losses 1072.00 team average

Sidney 6th Place 0 wins and 20 losses 1043.100 team average

Other highlights of the season were the following:

High Average: Carl Morganstern 281.05

High Score: Mike Spreutels 294-8x

Most Improved Overall: Bruce Gerken +15.662

Stamford Team

1st Master Jim Driscoll

Most Improved Master Ernie Griswold

1st Expert Jim Hitt

2nd Expert Larry VanDeusen

3rd Expert Dennis Bennett

4th Expert Dan Bennett

5th Expert Adam Nichols

6th Expert Scott May

7th Expert Brian MacRabie

8th Expert Allen Nichols

Most Improved Expert Carl Morganstern

1st Sharpshooter Steve Ingalls

2nd Sharpshooter Steve Castle

3rd Sharpshooter Will Sulger

Most Improved Sharpshooter Brian Murphy

1st Marksman Dennis Slauson

2nd Marksman Brian Righi

3rd Marksman Kevin Swart

Most Improved Marksman Dennis Slauson

1st Pro-Marksman Bruce Gerken

2nd Pro-Marksman Grant LaBarr

Most Improved Pro-Marksman Michael Noviello