Stamford/Richmondville Takes 2017-2018 Title

Post date: Apr 2, 2018 12:08:50 AM

In the League Shoot-Off for first place Stamford/Richmondville defeated Walton 1115-18X to 1101-20X.

Congratulations to Stamford/Richmondville for winning the 2017-18 Central Empire State Rifle and Pistol League!

High Scores for Stamford/Richmondville were: Harry Wyckoff 281-8X; Larry VanDeusen 279-3X; Cliff Christman 278-3X; and Jim Hitt 277-4X

Other Stamford/Richmondville shooters were: Brian Righi, Nick Righi, Judy Wyckoff, and Bill DeSilva

Shooting the Top Scores for Walton: Justin McAdams 281-8X; Dennis Bennett 279-3X; Brian MacRabie 271-4X and Dan Bennett 270-5X

Additional Walton Shooters were: Glenn Bowker, Kyle Budine, Samantha Bowker, Kris Bowker, Bill McAdams, Will Sulger, and Al Budine

-A big THANKS to the Oneonta Club for hosting tonight's shoot-off and running the range for the shooters.

See most at the banquet, and thank you for another great season!