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Veterinary clinics and hospitals across the country find cost savings and efficiencies with Nev's Ink. From board and care labels to Dymo and Zebra, we have several types of labeling products for purchase today! You can now consolidate all your ordering with Nev's Ink. We can also do custom orders for any size, with any imprint!


We offer several veterinary labeling products. Whether you want to order our labels online or print them in-house, we have options for your business. Our selection includes:

  • Anesthesia labels: Indicate what anesthesia has been given to an animal and the dosage.
  • Blank labels: Use these for times when you don't know the information you need for your label in advance.
  • Dymo and Zebra compatible labels: Print your own descriptions with labels designed to work in Dymo and Zebra printers.
  • Veterinary medication labels: Use tags to denote how the person should give the medicine, the number of refills and more.
  • Color-coded labels and tapes: Organize areas, information, supplies and more into specific groups by color.


Labels serve an essential purpose in multiple industries, including veterinary settings. Animal care involves numerous aspects that can lead to uncertainty without proper tags. A dog going into surgery might need anesthesia or specific medicine before or after the treatment. Proper labeling ensures that the pet gets the appropriate dosage of the correct medication. Some other benefits of using labels in a veterinary setting include:


In veterinary clinics, much like in a hospital setting, there are people who work in several different departments. From receptionists to assistants, vet technicians and veterinarians, everyone should have means for communication. Labels keep information organized within the clinic.


Animals have records for medical histories and other important information, as well. Labels and veterinary tape help keep the animal's health information organized in a way that makes it easier for medical professionals to access. Whether it's for allergies, past injuries and illnesses, or something else, a label allows you to find information.


In the same vein, sometimes veterinarians prescribe medications for animals or administer doses on site. Warnings, dosage amounts and how to give the medicine are examples of what you might find labeled on substances given to pets. These labels create a safer and more organized veterinary clinic.


At Nev's Ink, we offer both custom and pre-printed labels for the veterinary industry. Pre-printed labels have information on them already with areas to fill in more by hand, if necessary. We also offer custom labels that we will print with the information you want. Many of our blank labels are printer-compatible, meaning that you can print them yourself right in the office.


Labels are beneficial in veterinary clinics, much like they are in other healthcare fields. Our team can help you find the type of labels you need for your business. We offer competitive prices for our labels because we understand the significant role they play in your industry. Veterinary hospitals, clinics and distributors need labels to help them effectively treat animals. Nev's Ink has fast shipping to get our products to you as quickly as we can.

For custom vet labels, you can get in touch with us today by calling 800-638-7465 or using our contact form. Or, shop our full product offering online.