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Accurate communication in a health care setting is vital to high-quality patient care. Keep everyone up-to-date quickly with our wide selection of nursing labels.


Nev's Ink offers nursing labels for various applications, from chart essentials to medication control to younger patient rewards. Among our inventory, you'll find label types including:

  • Nursing chart labels: Choose from 26 different colors of room number, doctor and patient tags, or call attention to a patient allergy with our eye-catching red, white and black markers. These paper labels are versatile, retain their readability and remove easily when no longer needed.
  • Medication added labels: Know in a glance when a patient last received medication with these permanent paper labels. Our medication tags also help you track data like expiration dates and who administered the treatment. We have fluorescent options available for additional color-coding.
  • I.V. bag and tubing labels: Identify medications easily with our large collection of I.V. treatment bag labels. We carry many styles, including thermal and litho printables in permanent and removable varieties. Tubing labels also help manage multiple I.V. lines for more accurate treatment delivery.
  • Fun labels: Let little patients advertise their accomplishments with our fun label styles. Nev's Ink offers holiday- and procedure-themed stickers to reward children and adults alike. 
  • Nursing tape: Code test tubes and more with our colored nursing tape, available in many colors and widths. We have both permanent and removable styles for different application needs.

Do you need something other than our standard materials? Count on Nev's Ink — we're also a premier supplier of custom nursing labels. 


Using Nev's Ink nursing labels and tape has many benefits, including:

  • Conveying essential patient information: Knowing a patient's treatment schedule and medication allergies ensures patients get the care they need. Communicate quickly and accurately through adhesive tagging.
  • Displaying critical medication data: Exposing others to some drug classes — like chemotherapy agents — can cause issues. Alert medical personnel to potential hazards with visible markers. Clear substance identification also helps prevent medication mix-ups.
  • Recording dates and times: Our adhesive tags make staying up to date on a patient's treatment schedule and hygiene easier. You'll know when a patient received medication or if it's time to change an I.V. line.
  • Organizing medical records: Instituting a color-coding system helps you quickly store and retrieve essential patient health records. Our nursing chart labels come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can design the best solution for your needs.


Experience the difference of working with a dedicated and compassionate sales team. Extraordinary customer service is just the beginning at Nev's Ink — we also save our end users an average of 30%. Shop our in-stock labels and enjoy shipping within 24 hours or less. 

Need a custom design? We can do it and typically ship them within six days after confirming your order.  Contact us online for more information, or call a customer service team member at 800-638-7465 to place an order today.