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Laboratories are essential to health and comfort. They play a significant role in sample collection and analysis for multiple health care operations. Successful labs rely on correct material collection, identification, management and analysis.

Nev's Ink has laboratory labels to help your organization collect and classify samples easily.


Your employees need accurate information to carry out their duties efficiently. Make it easier for them with a wide range of labels and tapes from Nev's Ink. Our products are the ideal solution for keeping your facility organized and informed. 

We carry a large inventory of lab labels to help you:

  • Identify patients: Specimen results assist in diagnosing, detecting and treating disease. Proper marking is vital to getting accurate reports back to a physician.
  • Manage materials: Tags communicate essential data, such as a substance's toxicity or expiration date. These instructions keep lab workers and recipients safe. Labels also convey storage and handling requirements, so staff can quickly determine particular refrigeration or disposal needs.
  • Relay status and test requests: Markers help get a technician's attention. Specialists can instantly tell if a sample is a priority and see what kind of test it is.


Browse our extensive collection of laboratory labels, including:

  • Biohazard tags: These fluorescent paper identifiers notify staff of potentially hazardous substances. We offer biohazard labels in permanent styles for affixing to sharps containers or with removable adhesive for temporary needs.
  • Cryogenic markers: Maintain identification at extreme temperatures with our wide selection of cryogenic labels. These durable stickers are compatible with laser printing, delivering an affordable and customizable solution for substance labeling.
  • Radioactive material tags: Get the permanent identification you need for recording isotopes, source strengths and quantities. Nev's Ink carries radioactive alerts in laboratory tape or labels and various materials, from paper to polyurethane.
  • Warning labels: Alert others to the presence of potential dangers, such as antineoplastic medications and fire hazards, with attention-getting identification markers. We've designed our eye-catching warning labels to help you be more compliant with disclosure, storage and disposal regulations.
  • Lab communication labels: Ease contact between departments and techs with our assortment of lab communication tags. These markers also help improve patient care and material handling.
  • Color-coded stickers: Organize records, inventories, samples and more with a simple system. Our basic color-coded tags come in various sizes, roll or paper styles, and colors across the spectrum for versatility.

Nev's Ink also offers printables for popular systems, such as Dymo® and Zebra, and laboratory information systems like Meditech and Cerner Pathnet. If you don't see it online, contact us — we design custom laboratory labels for unique applications!


Nev's Ink is your single solution for laboratory identification supplies, from in-stock tapes to custom lab labels. Our on-the-shelf products ship within 24 hours, and most custom orders go out within six days. 

Discover why so many labs depend on Nev's Ink and our world-class customer service to cut their costs. Place your order online, or reach out to a sales rep for assistance with a custom design.