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Nev's Ink provides everything you could need in your hospital for labeling solutions. We have admitting, anesthesia, sterile processing, laboratory, billing, nursing, pharmacy and radiology labels.


Hospitals are composed of several departments that often work in tandem with one another. Since information flows from one part of the building to another, proper labeling of documents provides numerous benefits. Some of the types of labels we offer for hospital settings include:

  • Admitting: Wristbands allow caregivers to easily access important patient information, such as name, birthdate and allergies.
  • Blank: Plain labels are compatible with most printers, allowing you to include the information you deem necessary.
  • Nursing: Nursing labels present information such as the medications added to a patient's intake, drugs given for pain or comfort, and chart data.
  • Pharmacy: These tags add important directions, warnings and more to prescriptions.
  • Radiology: Radiology labels are helpful for identifying important information for X-rays, mammograms, CT scans and others.
  • System compatible: These sheets work with most hospital systems like Sunquest, Meditech, Epic and Cerner.


Hospitals are complex systems where people from several departments work together. Whether a patient is there for an emergency, medical assessment or long-term care, ensuring they get exceptional service is a top priority. Proper labeling helps people throughout the system easily identify vital information. Reasons labeling is integral to patient care include:


Admitted patients wear wristbands with identification, allergies and risk information. Medical labels for documents also help nurses, doctors and other specialists in the hospital. Patient information is one of the most critical aspects of their care. Things like medical history, allergies, current illnesses or injuries, and more can affect the type of care they should receive.


Patients most likely will need to be seen by various departments during their hospital stay. Areas like radiology, the laboratory and others need to communicate with each other effectively. Labels allow crucial information to be accessible to people throughout the entire hospital.


Medications, cleaning products, biological substances and more are all found in a hospital. Substance labels help workers know what the product is, how to handle it and other pertinent information. Proper storage of a product, the hazards associated with it and how it should be used are all examples of information found on substance labels.


Nev's Ink has multiple options for hospital labels. We can provide:

  • Custom labels: We will customize these labels to meet your needs. You can choose the colors, add your logo and more.
  • Pre-printed labels: You can choose from anything you see on our website that comes pre-filled with information.


Labels play an essential role in a hospital, increasing accuracy and communication. Nev's Ink offers quick turnaround times so that you can get your custom and pre-printed labels as quickly as possible. In-stock items ship within 24 hours and custom hospital labels in six days or less. We price our products affordably to help you stay on budget while getting the high-quality labels you need.

You can contact us today to order custom labels. For pre-printed and in-stock items, shop our full product selection now.