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Nev's Ink is proud to serve the healthcare industry. We provide labeling solutions for blood banks, hospitals, labs, pharmacies and more!


Several industries within the healthcare system benefit from using labels. We offer solutions for the following sectors:


Blood banks are vital in the healthcare industry. Proper labeling ensures that vials and other important information are identified correctly. Some of the labels commonly used at blood banks include:

  • Blank labels.
  • Blood bank communication labels.
  • Laboratory communication labels.
  • Blood donor labels.


Hospitals are complex systems composed of several departments. From emergency to long-term care, labels can help keep everything in check for doctors, nurses and patients alike. Medical labels that are useful in this setting include:

  • Anesthesia labels or tape.
  • Food and dietary service labels.
  • Pharmacy labels.
  • Medical records and billing labels.


Hospital laboratories can use several types, such as:

  • LIS labels.
  • Specimen labels.


Laboratories have a lot of information flowing in and out of them daily. Adequate labels are critical for keeping everything organized correctly. Laboratories can use several types, such as:

  • Biohazard labels.
  • Cryogenic labels.
  • Microscope slide labels.
  • Radioactive labels.


Pharmacies distribute medicines to patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. For a doctor or nurse administering or prescribing medication, labels make essential information visible. Examples of labels used in a pharmacy setting include:

  • Chemotherapy labels.
  • Pharmacy communication labels.
  • Medication added labels.
  • I.V. tubing labels.


Proper labeling solutions for healthcare provide numerous benefits. Considering many items are passed between different departments, labels allow for appropriate communication. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other employees can obtain important information from labels.

Another added benefit is that labels can help organize and signify patient information. Admission bracelets, lab work, prescriptions and more are all integral to the health and safety of a patient. When this information is correctly displayed and accessible, healthcare workers can treat the patient appropriately.

Substances like medicines or biohazards often have many requirements to ensure proper care. A label denotes how to take care of the substance, including information about storage and handling.


At Nev's Ink, we offer numerous labels for the healthcare industry. Examples and benefits of each include:

  • Pre-printed: Pre-printed labels reduce the need for a doctor, nurse or another healthcare worker to fill out all of the information by hand. As a result, the information printed on the label is more likely to be readable and accurate.
  • Blank: Blank labels allow for customization based on your needs at the moment and are compatible with most printers.
  • Custom: Custom healthcare labels can be personalized and have space for the necessary information to complete your job effectively.


Nev's Ink offers healthcare labels that will help people from all over the industry complete their jobs effectively. Ensure patients receive proper care with the use of custom, pre-printed and blank labels. All of our products are competitively priced because we understand the importance of such tags within the industry. We also offer quick turnaround times to help you receive your labels as promptly as possible.

Order labels for healthcare online now. Or, contact Nev's Ink for custom orders today.