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Nev's Ink provides companies with high-quality labeling and tape solutions tailored to fit all of your business’s needs. Our state-of-the-art printing facility allows us to provide high quality, cost-effective solutions with some of the fastest turn times in the industry. 

We provide labeling solutions to Veterinarians, the Cannabis industry, and to Healthcare - Hospitals, Distributors, Reps in the US & Internationally. We provide to Technicians & Supervisors who don't want hassles, who want product that is reliable and easy to use, who want all obstacles removed, and who simply want value.

Our labels and tape are designed for the wear and tear of any business and are thoroughly tested for all environments: hot, cold, humid, high traffic, and many more. This testing process ensures our high standard of quality is met. Since 1989 our customers have come to rely on our quality label and tape supplies to help their businesses thrive. Our steep tradition of outstanding customer service is how we are able to boast a 96% customer retention rate. We rarely meet a problem we can't help solve, or a label we can't produce!




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